April 28 All Events

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April 28th, 2007 (April 28 2007)DeathDabbs Greer, American actor (born in 1917)
April 28th, 2007 (April 28 2007)DeathTommy Newsom, American bandleader (born in 1929)
April 28th, 2007 (April 28 2007)DeathCarl Friedrich von Weizsacker, German physicist and philosopher (born in 1912) Philo Quotes
April 28th, 2005 (April 28 2005)EventThe Patent Law Treaty goes into effect.
April 28th, 2005 (April 28 2005)DeathChris Candido, American wrestler (born in 1972)
April 28th, 2005 (April 28 2005)DeathPercy Heath, American jazz bassist (Modern Jazz Quartet) (born in 1923)
April 28th, 2005 (April 28 2005)DeathTaraki Sivaram, Tamil journalist of Sri Lanka (born in 1959)
April 28th, 2002 (April 28 2002)DeathAlexander Lebed, Russian general (born in 1950)
April 28th, 2002 (April 28 2002)DeathLou Thesz, American wrestler (born in 1916)
April 28th, 2001 (April 28 2001)EventMillionaire Dennis Tito becomes the world s first space tourist.
April 28th, 2000 (April 28 2000)DeathPenelope Fitzgerald, English writer (born in 1916)
April 28th, 2000 (April 28 2000)DeathJerzy Einhorn, Polish-Swedish doctor, researcher and politician (born in 1925)
April 28th, 1999 (April 28 1999)DeathRory Calhoun, American actor (born in 1922)
April 28th, 1999 (April 28 1999)DeathArthur Leonard Schawlow, American physicist, Nobel laureate (born in 1921)
April 28th, 1999 (April 28 1999)DeathAlf Ramsey, English football manager (born in 1920)
April 28th, 1998 (April 28 1998)DeathRamakant Desai, Indian cricketer (born in 1939)
April 28th, 1997 (April 28 1997)EventThe 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention goes into effect, with Russia, Iraq and North Korea notable nations who have not ratified the treaty.
April 28th, 1996 (April 28 1996)EventWhitewater controversy: Bill Clinton gives a 4? hour videotaped testimony for the defense.Bill Clinton Quotes
April 28th, 1996 (April 28 1996)EventIn Tasmania, Australia, Martin Bryant goes on a shooting spree, killing 35 people and seriously injuring 37 more.
April 28th, 1996 (April 28 1996)EventThe NHL s Winnipeg Jets play their last game, a 4-1 playoff loss to the Detroit Red Wings.
April 28th, 1994 (April 28 1994)EventFormer C.I.A. official Aldrich Ames pleads guilty to giving U.S. secrets to the Soviet Union and later Russia.
April 28th, 1993 (April 28 1993)DeathJim Valvano, American basketball coach (born in 1946)
April 28th, 1992 (April 28 1992)DeathFrancis Bacon, Anglo-Irish painter (born in 1909)Francis Bacon Quotes
April 28th, 1992 (April 28 1992)DeathIceberg Slim, American writer (born in 1918)
April 28th, 1991 (April 28 1991)DeathSteve Broidy, American motion picture executive (born in 1905)
April 28th, 1988 (April 28 1988)EventNear Maui, Hawaii, flight attendant Clarabelle "C.B." Lansing is blown out of Aloha Flight 243, a Boeing 737, and falls to her death when part of the plane s fuselage rips open in mid-flight.
April 28th, 1988 (April 28 1988)DeathB. W. Stevenson, American country singer (born in 1949)
April 28th, 1987 (April 28 1987)EventAmerican engineer Ben Linder is killed in an ambush by U.S.-funded Contras in northern Nicaragua.
April 28th, 1986 (April 28 1986)EventThe United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Enterprise becomes the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to transit the Suez Canal, navigating from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea to relieve the USS Coral Sea, on station across the "Line of Death" in the Gulf of Sidra off the coast of Libya. The transit began at 0300 and lasted 12 hours.
April 28th, 1986 (April 28 1986)BirthGeorge Nozuka, Canadian Singer/Songwriter
April 28th, 1983 (April 28 1983)BirthRoger Johnson, English footballer
April 28th, 1982 (April 28 1982)BirthNikki Grahame, Big Brother 7 Star
April 28th, 1981 (April 28 1981)EventGalician current Statute of Autonomy.
April 28th, 1981 (April 28 1981)BirthJessica Alba, American actress
April 28th, 1980 (April 28 1980)BirthJosh Howard, American basketball player (Dallas Mavericks)
April 28th, 1979 (April 28 1979)BirthBahram Radan, Iranian actor
April 28th, 1978 (April 28 1978)EventPresident of Afghanistan, Mohammed Daoud Khan, is overthrown and assassinated in a coup led by pro-communist rebels.Ghani Khan Quotes
April 28th, 1978 (April 28 1978)BirthLauren Laverne, Disc jockey, television presenter and former singer
April 28th, 1978 (April 28 1978)DeathSardar Mohammed Daoud, President of Afghanistan (born in 1909)
April 28th, 1977 (April 28 1977)EventThe Red Army Faction trial ends, with Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe found guilty of four counts of murder and more than 30 counts of attempted murder.
April 28th, 1977 (April 28 1977)EventThe Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure is signed.
April 28th, 1975 (April 28 1975)DeathTom Donahue, American FM radio DJ (pioneer, freeform radio) (born in 1928)
April 28th, 1974 (April 28 1974)BirthPenelope Cruz, Spanish actress
April 28th, 1974 (April 28 1974)BirthRichel Hersisia, Dutch boxer
April 28th, 1974 (April 28 1974)BirthVernon Kay, British TV/radio presenter
April 28th, 1973 (April 28 1973)BirthElisabeth Rohm, American actress
April 28th, 1973 (April 28 1973)BirthJorge Garcia, American actor
April 28th, 1973 (April 28 1973)BirthFrancisco Palencia, Mexican footballer
April 28th, 1973 (April 28 1973)DeathClas Thunberg, Finnish speed skater (born in 1893)
April 28th, 1972 (April 28 1972)BirthJoseph Bruce, American musician
April 28th, 1971 (April 28 1971)BirthBridget Moynahan, American actress
April 28th, 1970 (April 28 1970)EventVietnam War: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon formally authorizes American combat troops to fight communist sanctuaries in Cambodia.
April 28th, 1970 (April 28 1970)BirthNicklas Lidstrom, Swedish ice hockey player
April 28th, 1970 (April 28 1970)BirthDiego Simeone, Argentine footballer
April 28th, 1970 (April 28 1970)DeathEd Begley, American actor (born in 1901)
April 28th, 1969 (April 28 1969)EventCharles de Gaulle resigns as President of France.Charles de Gaulle Quotes
April 28th, 1969 (April 28 1969)EventTerence O Neill announces his resignation as Prime Minister of Northern Ireland.
April 28th, 1968 (April 28 1968)BirthDaisy Berkowitz, American musician (Marilyn Manson)Marilyn Manson Quotes
April 28th, 1968 (April 28 1968)BirthHoward Donald, British musician
April 28th, 1968 (April 28 1968)BirthAndy Flower, Zimbabwean cricketer
April 28th, 1967 (April 28 1967)EventExpo 67 opens to the public in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
April 28th, 1967 (April 28 1967)BirthKari Wuhrer, American actress
April 28th, 1966 (April 28 1966)BirthJohn Daly, American golfer
April 28th, 1966 (April 28 1966)BirthToo Short, American rapper
April 28th, 1965 (April 28 1965)EventUnited States troops land in the Dominican Republic to "forestall establishment of a Communist dictatorship" and to evacuate U.S. Army troops.
April 28th, 1965 (April 28 1965)BirthSteven Blum, American voice actor
April 28th, 1964 (April 28 1964)BirthBarry Larkin, American baseball player
April 28th, 1964 (April 28 1964)BirthMark Steven Robinson, American director
April 28th, 1964 (April 28 1964)BirthNoriyuki Iwadare, Japanese composer
April 28th, 1964 (April 28 1964)DeathRolf de Mare, Swedish art collector (born in 1888)
April 28th, 1963 (April 28 1963)BirthLloyd Eisler, Canadian figure skater
April 28th, 1961 (April 28 1961)BirthFutoshi Matsunaga, Japanese serial killer
April 28th, 1960 (April 28 1960)BirthJohn Cerutti, baseball player and announcer (died in 2004)
April 28th, 1960 (April 28 1960)BirthIan Rankin, Scottish novelist
April 28th, 1960 (April 28 1960)BirthJoel H. Rosenthal American political scientist
April 28th, 1960 (April 28 1960)BirthJon Pall Sigmarsson, Icelandic strength athlete (died in 1993)
April 28th, 1960 (April 28 1960)BirthWalter Zenga, Italian footballer
April 28th, 1958 (April 28 1958)BirthHal Sutton, American golfer
April 28th, 1957 (April 28 1957)BirthWilma Landkroon, Dutch singer
April 28th, 1957 (April 28 1957)DeathHeinz "Pritzl" Bar, German fighter pilot (born in 1913)
April 28th, 1956 (April 28 1956)BirthJimmy Barnes, Scottish-born singer
April 28th, 1955 (April 28 1955)BirthPaul Guilfoyle, American actor
April 28th, 1955 (April 28 1955)BirthNicky Gumbel, British author and priest
April 28th, 1954 (April 28 1954)BirthRon Zook, American Football Coach
April 28th, 1954 (April 28 1954)DeathLeon Jouhaux, French labor leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1879)
April 28th, 1953 (April 28 1953)BirthKim Gordon, American musician (Sonic Youth)
April 28th, 1953 (April 28 1953)BirthRoberto Bolano, Latin American author and poetRoberto Bolano Quotes
April 28th, 1952 (April 28 1952)EventDwight D. Eisenhower resigns as Supreme Commander of NATO.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
April 28th, 1952 (April 28 1952)EventOccupied Japan: The United States occupation of Japan ends.
April 28th, 1952 (April 28 1952)BirthMary McDonnell, American actress
April 28th, 1950 (April 28 1950)EventBhumibol Adulyadej marries Queen Sirikit after their quiet engagement in Lausanne, Switzerland on July 19, 1949.
April 28th, 1950 (April 28 1950)BirthJay Leno, American comedian and television hostJay Leno Quotes
April 28th, 1950 (April 28 1950)BirthWillie Colon , Puerto Rican salsa legend
April 28th, 1949 (April 28 1949)EventFormer Philippine First Lady Aurora Quezon, 61, is assassinated while en route to dedicate a hospital in memory of her late husband; her daughter and 10 others are also killed.
April 28th, 1949 (April 28 1949)BirthIndian Larry, American stuntsman (died in 2004)
April 28th, 1949 (April 28 1949)BirthBruno Kirby, American actor (died in 2006)
April 28th, 1949 (April 28 1949)DeathAurora Quezon, First Lady of the Philippines (shot) (born in 1888)
April 28th, 1948 (April 28 1948)BirthTerry Pratchett, English authorTerry Pratchett Quotes
April 28th, 1948 (April 28 1948)BirthMarcia Strassman, American actress
April 28th, 1948 (April 28 1948)BirthDorothee Berryman, French Canadian actress and singer
April 28th, 1947 (April 28 1947)EventThor Heyerdahl and five crew mates set out from Peru on the Kon-Tiki to prove that Peruvian natives could have settled Polynesia.
April 28th, 1946 (April 28 1946)BirthGinette Reno, French Canadian singer, songwriter and actress
April 28th, 1946 (April 28 1946)DeathLouis Bachelier, French mathematician (born in 1870)
April 28th, 1945 (April 28 1945)EventBenito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci are executed by a firing squad consisting of members of the Italian resistance movement.Benito Mussolini Quotes
April 28th, 1945 (April 28 1945)DeathBenito Mussolini, Italian fascist dictator (born in 1882)Benito Mussolini Quotes
April 28th, 1945 (April 28 1945)DeathClara Petacci, Italian mistress of Benito Mussolini (shot) (born in 1912)Benito Mussolini Quotes
April 28th, 1945 (April 28 1945)DeathRoberto Farinacci, Italian fascist (born in 1892)
April 28th, 1944 (April 28 1944)BirthElizabeth LeCompte, American theater director
April 28th, 1944 (April 28 1944)BirthJean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe, Belgian politician
April 28th, 1944 (April 28 1944)BirthAlice Waters, American chef
April 28th, 1944 (April 28 1944)DeathFrank Knox, U.S. Vice-Presidential candidate (born in 1874)
April 28th, 1943 (April 28 1943)BirthJacques Dutronc, French singer and actor
April 28th, 1942 (April 28 1942)BirthMike Brearley, English cricketer
April 28th, 1941 (April 28 1941)BirthAnn-Margret, Swedish-born actress
April 28th, 1941 (April 28 1941)BirthK. Barry Sharpless, American chemist, Nobel laureate
April 28th, 1941 (April 28 1941)BirthLucien Aimar, French cyclist
April 28th, 1941 (April 28 1941)BirthIryna Zhylenko, Ukrainian poet
April 28th, 1938 (April 28 1938)BirthMadge Sinclair, Jamaican actress (died in 1995)
April 28th, 1937 (April 28 1937)BirthSaddam Hussein, President of Iraq (died in 2006)Saddam Hussein Quotes
April 28th, 1936 (April 28 1936)DeathKing Fuad I of Egypt (born in 1868)
April 28th, 1934 (April 28 1934)BirthLois Duncan, American novelist
April 28th, 1932 (April 28 1932)EventA vaccine for yellow fever is announced for use on humans.
April 28th, 1930 (April 28 1930)EventThe first night game in organized baseball history takes place in Independence, Kansas.
April 28th, 1930 (April 28 1930)BirthJames Baker, American politician
April 28th, 1930 (April 28 1930)BirthCarolyn Jones, American actress (died in 1983)
April 28th, 1928 (April 28 1928)BirthYves Klein, French painter (died in 1962)
April 28th, 1928 (April 28 1928)BirthEugene M. Shoemaker, American planetary scientist (died in 1997)
April 28th, 1926 (April 28 1926)BirthBlossom Dearie, American jazz singer
April 28th, 1926 (April 28 1926)BirthHarper Lee, American author
April 28th, 1926 (April 28 1926)DeathZip the Pinhead, American freak show performer (born in 1857)
April 28th, 1925 (April 28 1925)BirthT. John Lesinski, Lieutenant Governor of Michigan
April 28th, 1924 (April 28 1924)BirthDonatas Banionis, Lithuanian actor
April 28th, 1924 (April 28 1924)BirthKenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia
April 28th, 1922 (April 28 1922)BirthWilliam Guarnere, WWII Veteran
April 28th, 1922 (April 28 1922)BirthAlistair MacLean, Scottish novelist (died in 1987)
April 28th, 1921 (April 28 1921)BirthRowland Evans, American journalist (died in 2001) Evans Quotes
April 28th, 1920 (April 28 1920)EventAzerbaijan is added to the Soviet Union.
April 28th, 1916 (April 28 1916)BirthFerruccio Lamborghini, Italian automobile manufacturer (died in 1993)
April 28th, 1914 (April 28 1914)BirthPhilip E. High, Science fiction author (died in 2006)
April 28th, 1912 (April 28 1912)BirthOdette Sansom, French resistance worker (died in 1995)
April 28th, 1911 (April 28 1911)BirthLee Falk, American comic strip writer (died in 1999)
April 28th, 1910 (April 28 1910)BirthSam Merwin, Jr., American mystery fiction writer (died in 1996)
April 28th, 1908 (April 28 1908)BirthOskar Schindler, Austrian businessman (died in 1974)
April 28th, 1906 (April 28 1906)BirthKurt Godel, Austrian mathematician (died in 1978)
April 28th, 1906 (April 28 1906)BirthPaul Sacher, Swiss conductor (died in 1999)
April 28th, 1905 (April 28 1905)DeathFitzhugh Lee, American Confederate general (born in 1835)
April 28th, 1902 (April 28 1902)EventUsing the ISO 8601 standard Year Zero definition for the Gregorian calendar preceded by the Julian calendar, the one billionth minute since the start of January 1, Year Zero occurs at 10:40 AM on this date. Julian Quotes
April 28th, 1902 (April 28 1902)BirthJohan Borgen, Norwegian author (died in 1979)
April 28th, 1900 (April 28 1900)BirthHeinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo (disappeared in 1945)Heinrich Muller Quotes
April 28th, 1900 (April 28 1900)BirthJan Oort, Dutch astronomer (died in 1992)
April 28th, 1897 (April 28 1897)BirthYe Jianying, Chinese general and politician (died in 1986)
April 28th, 1889 (April 28 1889)BirthAntonio de Oliveira Salazar, dictator of Portugal (died in 1970)
April 28th, 1878 (April 28 1878)BirthLionel Barrymore, American actor (died in 1954)
April 28th, 1874 (April 28 1874)BirthKarl Kraus, Austrian journalist and author (died in 1936)Karl Kraus Quotes
April 28th, 1868 (April 28 1868)BirthLucy Booth, the fifth daughter of William and Catherine Booth (died in 1953)William Booth Quotes
April 28th, 1868 (April 28 1868)BirthGeorgy Voronoy, Russian mathematician (died in 1908)
April 28th, 1865 (April 28 1865)DeathSamuel Cunard, Canadian-born British shipping magnate (born in 1787)
April 28th, 1862 (April 28 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Admiral David Farragut captures New Orleans, Louisiana.
April 28th, 1858 (April 28 1858)DeathJohannes Peter Muller, German physiologist (born in 1801)
April 28th, 1853 (April 28 1853)DeathLudwig Tieck, German writer (born in 1773)
April 28th, 1841 (April 28 1841)DeathPeter Chanel, French saint (born in 1803)
April 28th, 1838 (April 28 1838)BirthTobias Michael Carel Asser, Dutch jurist, Nobel laureate (died in 1913)
April 28th, 1819 (April 28 1819)BirthEzra Abbot, American Bible scholar (died in 1884)
April 28th, 1816 (April 28 1816)DeathJohann Heinrich Abicht, German philosopher (born in 1862) Philo Quotes
April 28th, 1813 (April 28 1813)DeathMikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, Russian field marshal (born in 1745)
April 28th, 1796 (April 28 1796)EventThe Armistice of Cherasco is signed by Napoleon Bonaparte and Vittorio Amedeo III, the King of Sardinia, expanding French territory along the Mediterranean coast.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
April 28th, 1792 (April 28 1792)EventFrance invades Austrian Netherlands (present day Belgium), beginning the French Revolutionary War.
April 28th, 1789 (April 28 1789)EventMutiny on the Bounty, Captain William Bligh and 18 sailors are set adrift and the rebel crew returns to Tahiti briefly and then sets sail for Pitcairn Island.
April 28th, 1788 (April 28 1788)EventMaryland becomes the seventh state to ratify the Constitution of the United States.
April 28th, 1781 (April 28 1781)DeathCornelius Harnett, American delegate to the Continental Congress (born in 1723)
April 28th, 1772 (April 28 1772)DeathJohann Friedrich Struensee, physician of Christian VII of Denmark (born in 1737)
April 28th, 1765 (April 28 1765)BirthSylvestre Francois Lacroix, French mathematician (born in 1834)
April 28th, 1758 (April 28 1758)BirthJames Monroe, 5th President of the United States (died in 1831)James Monroe Quotes
April 28th, 1741 (April 28 1741)DeathMagnus Julius De la Gardie, Swedish General and statesman (born in 1668)
April 28th, 1726 (April 28 1726)DeathThomas Pitt, British Governor of Madras (born in 1653)
April 28th, 1716 (April 28 1716)DeathLouis de Montfort, French catholic priest (born in 1673)
April 28th, 1715 (April 28 1715)BirthFranz Sparry, composer (died in 1767)
April 28th, 1710 (April 28 1710)DeathThomas Betterton, English actor
April 28th, 1695 (April 28 1695)DeathHenry Vaughan, Welsh poet (born in 1621)Henry Vaughan Quotes
April 28th, 1686 (April 28 1686)BirthMichael Brokoff, Czech sculptor (died in 1721)
April 28th, 1630 (April 28 1630)BirthCharles Cotton, English poet (died in 1687)
April 28th, 1611 (April 28 1611)EventEstablishment of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines, the oldest existing university in Asia and the largest Catholic university in the world.
April 28th, 1545 (April 28 1545)BirthYi Sun-sin, Korean admiral (died in 1598)
April 28th, 1533 (April 28 1533)DeathNicholas West, English bishop and diplomat (born in 1461)
April 28th, 1498 (April 28 1498)DeathHenry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland, English politician
April 28th, 1442 (April 28 1442)BirthKing Edward IV of England (died in 1483)
April 28th, 1253 (April 28 1253)EventNichiren, a Japanese Buddhist monk, propounds Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for the first time and declares it to be the essence of Buddhism, in effect founding Nichiren Buddhism.
April 28th, 1192 (April 28 1192)EventAssassination of Conrad of Montferrat (Conrad I), King of Jerusalem, in Tyre, two days after his title to the throne is confirmed by election. The killing is carried out by Hashshashin.
April 28th, 1192 (April 28 1192)DeathConrad of Montferrat (Conrad I), King of Jerusalem (born in mid 1140s)

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